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The key to happiness

  • Secure home loans
  • Also available as low-cost follow-on loans
  • Benefit from Riester bonus' and other government schemes
  • Choose your own loan term and repayment conditions to suit your needs
  • Stop paying rent and invest your money for the future – for you and your family

Good advice

Sparkasse is the leading German mortgage loan provider, has extensive experience and a high level of financial expertise.

Buying property

If you have already found your dream house or flat, your Sparkasse is sure to have the right loan or mortgage for you.

Building a house

Contact us for an initial mortgage proposal for all of the costs involved. A perfect way to give your plans a more solid footing.

Modernising a house

Give your house a make-over and increase its value. With a monthly repayment rate to suit your budget.

Follow-on loan

Follow-on loans or restructuring debt: Plan for the future and enjoy the benefits of low fixed interest rates.

Owning your own home

Time to stop paying rent and start investing in your own property. Benefiting from fantastic terms and conditions.

Home is where the heart is

Our Mortgage Loans are designed to quickly make your dreams reality and our monthly repayment rates are designed to make sure that you will have plenty of extra cash for all your interior design ideas. Our advisers will also be happy to discuss how to align your mortgage loan with building loans and any government grant or bonus schemes you might qualify for. To book an appointment, please follow this link.  

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